Insurance Claims

Take Timely Action

Certain insurance companies can penalize you if you wait too long between an incident occurring and you contacting them. If you suspect your property was damaged after a serious storm, be sure to contact All Seasons Roofing and Restoration right away to get a complimentary inspection.

Gathering The Evidence

With years of experience dealing with these situations, we know the exact process for finding and documenting any damage. We will provide you a comprehensive report on the problem, including photographs, an explanation of what may need to be fixed, and a repair estimate. In some cases the damage may not be enough to make it worth filing an insurance claim, in that case we may also have to figure out an alternative plan. In the case the insurance company has to be involved, they will need to see evidence, the date and time and reason for the damage.

Before And After

Ideally you should have images of your roof in its ideal state, which you may have taken in the past after maintenance or other significant events. Always ensure that the images are marked with the date they were taken, as they will provide evidence and back your statement up that subsequent damages were directly caused by the weather event in question.

Determine Your Coverage

Make sure to closely examine your current insurance policy to calculate the extent of your coverage and any limitations regarding reporting of the damage and any excluded types of damage. Depending on your roof’s age, insurance companies may only cover a limited amount of the repair cost, which can be calculated based on its deprecation value.


The next step involves an inspection by an insurance adjuster, who will calculate how much the insurance company may payout.

On Your Side

When you choose All Seasons as your roofing company, you can be rest assured that we have extensive experience in dealing with roof insurance claims. We will be on your side and make sure the information you submit to the insurance company is as accurate as possible.

Preparing To Work

Once the insurance company provides you the funds to pay for the damage, we will get things going right away and ensure repairs are promptly carried out. You can rely on us to be confident, supportive and helpful in every single detail during the claims process. We pride ourselves on our reliability, dependability and reputation and will stand with you during these likely stressful times.

Call The Experts

Don’t waste any more time deciding on a roofing contractor – pick up the phone and call our specialists at All Seasons Roofing and Restoration today! Our experts will examine your roof and notice details that may not be visible from outside, including serious damage that may only be visible from the inside.