Exterior and interior painting – key differences and comparisons


Exterior and interior painting – key differences and comparisons

Painting a house is like gifting it a dress, or honoring it with a uniform. Not only is it essential environmentally, but it serves to speak about the taste and the culture of its inhabitants.

When homeowners are choosing the perfect color palette for their dream home, they often face ending dilemmas about external and internal house painting. External and internal painting specialists Loveland Colorado is one of the best people to consult in such a situation.

What are the main differences between exterior and interior painting

Exterior and interior painting have several key points that set them apart.

  • The paints themselves are different. Exterior paint is sturdy and resistant, it has more pigment than the interior one. Interior paint is designed to be easy to wash and clean.
  • The resin used in binding interior paint is stronger. The weaker binding resins in exterior paint make sure that the paint is not affected by expansion during heat or contraction during the winter months.
  • Similarly, interior paints don’t cause outgassing. Exterior paints cause irritability out gasping for at least 2 days and continue to release small quantities of gas for years.
  • Both paintings however require the architecture of the home to be first fixed and a few places remodeled. Interior implies repairing damp areas and filling up cracks. Services like the drywall installation services in Denver might be required to call for professional relief.
  • Both paint jobs also require a thorough clean-up beforehand. The old paint needs to be washed. It takes at least a couple of days to send paper the old paint out of the interior walls. Certain additional coats are applied, like the external sealer for exterior painting and the court of plaster for the interior.


During the process of painting the interior and the exterior of your house, it is equally as vital to protect your furniture and furnishings from getting damaged in the process.

Calling a technical team from one of the windows replacement services in Loveland Colorado, to repair, clean, and protect windows and related fixtures during this process is advised. It is imperative to first take an estimate of the time and money expended before beginning the project.